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Carlos & Joanna 4 Reales

Mexico City ND (1542-1555) Mint Mark M and Assayer L Luis Rodríguez.
VF+ Mexico 4 Reales ND (1542-1555), Bold inner details and mostly visible Legends. Mounted in a simple but beautiful Gold Bezel 2.52g.


An always popular 4 Reales of Carlos & Joanna. The pair ruled Mexico, 1515-1555. Late series type and Mexico City mint. Undated, but minted 1542-1555. The coins of Carlos & Joanna are among the first coins struck by the Spanish in the New World. Initials present are, "L-M".

Carlos & Joanna 4 Reales Cob Assayer L in 22K Gold Bezel

    • Year: ND (1542-1555) 
    • Country/Region of Manufacture:  Mexico City, Mexico
    • Certification: None
    • Grade: VF+
    • Denomination: 4 Reales
  • 14 Day "Satisfaction Guarantee" Money Back refund or exchange policy. Buy with confidence. Must include original packaging and all contents including coin and documentation. 

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