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Golden Fleece Shipwreck Coin Treasure


Rare Golden Fleece Wreck 4 Reales

Mexico City, Mexico, Charles and Joanna, "Late Series" (1542-55), Assayer G Juan Gutiérrez 1542-1543 

Sharp Details but very dark toning VF+, round and Well-centered with nearly full legends and inner details, practically no corrosion. Set in a simple but beautiful Gold Pendant with Acrylic Protective Casing. From the Golden Fleece Shipwreck, sunk in 1550.


Golden Fleece wreck," sunk ca. I550 in the northern Caribbean

This wreck was nicknamed for a royal stamping ("Golden Fleece") on several of the gold "finger" bars (ingots) it yielded. Except for a handful of extremely rare Santo Domingo pieces, all the coins from this wreck were Mexican Carlos-Juana silver coins (all assayers prior to S), including several rarities. To date the finders of the wreck have not identified the wreck or disclosed its exact location, but they have gone on record as stating it was in international waters in the northern Caribbean. Though it was a relatively small find (a few thousand coins at most), it has been the primary source

for Mexican Carlos-Juana coins on the market since the mid-1990s.


Golden Fleece Shipwreck 4 Reales Assayer G

    • Year: "Late Series" (1542-55), Assayer G Juan Gutiérrez 1542-1543 
    • Country/Region of Manufacture: Mexico City, Mexico
    • Grade: VF+
    • Denomination: 4 Reales
  • 14 Day "Satisfaction Guarantee" Money Back refund or exchange policy. Buy with confidence. Must include original packaging and all contents including coin and documentation. 

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