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ATOCHA Shipwreck Treasure - High-quality natural emerald, 14.49 carats. Light green emerald, somewhat opaque but not "washed out" like most, also a very VERY large size Atocha emerald. With original Fisher tag and photo-certificate LE-1189. From: Atocha, sunk in 1622 west of Key West, Florida.

ATOCHA Emerald Jewelry LT Green Colombian Emerald 14.49CT in 14k Gold Bezel

SKU: E0002
    • Year: NA
    • Country/Region of Manufacture: Colombia
    • Certification: Treasure Salvors Inc. COA
    • Certification Number: LE-1189
    • Weight: 14.49CT
    • Comments: Very beatiful emerald with high weight. 14kt gold bezel consisting of moving parts plus wire loop at top, very impressive and clearly very valuable even in its own time.
  • 14 Day "Satisfaction Guarantee" Money Back refund or exchange policy. Buy with confidence. Must include original packaging and all contents including coin and documentation. 

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